Hi! My name is Chad Richard.
I grew up in Vinton, Louisiana. A really cool little town right on the Louisiana/Texas border. I hopped across the Sabine river into Texas shortly after high school and I've lived here happily ever since.
I write songs..The songs I write are greatly influenced by my experiences and the cultures from these two awesome states. These songs would probably be classified as "Americana" I suppose.. A mixture of country, blues, cajun, R&B, Texas swing, and soul.
It brings me untold joy to play them on my guitar and sing them for people.  

My Dad had a big band when I was growing up. They played all the clubs and honkytonks in and around Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas. Just like Dad, I too spent time playing in these same places with bands of my own in my younger days.
These days it's just me and my guitar and
I really like it this way. Simple. intimate. Sometimes embarrassing, but always, always, always fun!
I've made many wonderful friends through music. That's what it's really all about to me. The absolute beauty of it all. That human connection. It's what keeps me going. Keeps me forever looking forward to the next show.
I've been very blessed to be able to work and play with some incredibly talented people and a few of my heroes over the years
I hope I get to play for you soon!
Chad Richard